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The Eden Method accurately maps the journey of English performance and progress in teaching and learning



In harmony with all exam boards and specifications, The Eden Method promotes a logical, clear and consistent approach to English teaching and learning by deconstructing and sequencing exam expectations into 51 step-by-step, skills and qualities. 


From basic expectations of literacy to higher-level English exam techniques, The Eden Method can be employed as an intervention strategy for final-year students, or as a whole-school, departmental approach.


With the 51 skills and qualities at the heart of English teaching and learning, the methodology is supported by the collaborative and interactive use of a uniquely designed and user-friendly software program. The program promotes precise and credible progression within reading, writing, speaking and listening and highlights strengths and priority areas for development at individual, class and year group level. Engaging and effective, students, staff, parents and school leaders are gifted with a shared and logical comprehension of GCSE English that has never previously been utilized.

Individual ‘Performance Profiles’ are automatically populated for students – upon each data entry – and education centres are encouraged to continually share these with students throughout the course of their studies and especially, prior to examination. Once at a suitable working-age, the program will also produce a ‘Communication Proficiency Profile’  and average ‘TEM Score’ for students to share with colleges/potential employers, enabling both parties to identify strengths and address priority areas.