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The Eden Method 



Enumerates and sequences all of the 51 skills and qualities necessary for student development within reading, writing and speaking and listening. This has proven to be highly effective for students with specific learning difficulties and EAL/EFL students


Inspires the most-able students to push for perfection and aim for the highest levels


Encourages LAT/MAT/HAT students to work independently and make self-improvements: one skill and one step at a time


Tracks and monitors all aspects of student performance within reading, writing, speaking and listening

Highlights priority areas and automatically populates intervention cohorts

Provides a targeted structure for schemes of work and supports a whole-school literacy focus

Summarizes and compares progress and performance across year groups and class groups

Simplifies marking policies with concise and supportive feedback

Operates by cohort so that Year 7 data ‘rolls over’ for 5 years

Promotes a collaborative approach to teaching and learning across the school

Performs as a high-impact, efficient and effective intervention strategy for under-performing Year 11 cohorts

Delivers a comprehensive, whole-school breakdown of language proficiency and priorities 

Resists specification and curriculum changes by supporting all skills across English language and literacy


Empowers students, staff and parents with printable, 'text-friendly' reports that promote areas for development and act as personalized and differentiated targets during lessons 

Enables the printing of 'Communication Proficiency Profiles' for students to inform potential employers/college leaders of their competence and proficiency within written and verbal communication.


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