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'I would recommend the sessions or even just the method to anyone trying to achieve a high grade.'

'Amazing! I now feel very confident about getting a high grade. Thank you so much!!'

'The teaching process covers a lot of material, better and faster.'

'Everything was explained perfectly.'

'This was brilliant! Ha ha!'

Sample of 'student feedback' comments, 2019



In August 2019, we achieved our best-ever GCSE English results of Progress +0.41. Utilizing The Eden Method undoubtedly helped selected students to make significant progress, and as such, it played a crucial role in the record-breaking success of our English department. We're already looking forward to the positive impact that it has on outcomes for 2020!

Stacey Kitt, Head of English, Ormiston Bushfield Academy, September 2019



'We decided upon The Eden Method as a means of addressing under-achievement in boys in English. After targeting two groups of disengaged, difficult to manage boys, Tom provided us with a means to motivate them through well-structured lessons and a clear, personalised method of monitoring their progress and providing bespoke feedback. Within a week, the impact was already visible. I would highly recommend this approach.'

Terry Freelander, Head of English, ORA, Essex, February 2019



[Using The Eden Method] 'Students know immediately what they need to work on as lessons

focus on specific skills rather than whole questions. Students have made significant progress

(with some having gone up two grades in ten weeks) and they appear more focused:

coming up at lunch times willingly for intervention and they are buying into the method!

We would definitely recommend this approach to other schools.'

Cate Davies and Bekkah Houghton [GCSE English Teachers], OBA, Peterborough, February 2019


‘This approach REALLY works! We COMPLETELY changed the course of our English outcomes:
adding over 30% to our Basics Measure within 3 months! Our students achieved their BEST-EVER
English GCSE examination results - I cannot recommend this methodology highly enough!’

Sam Williamson, Principal, Mechants' Academy, Bristol, GCSE Results Day 2018



‘Why hasn’t this been thought of before?’

Peter Cox, Senior Education Consultant, UK



‘As a head of department, this package effectively and efficiently provides me with a quick and accurate picture of student progress. It allows me to generate the questions I need to ask my staff, and provides real, targeted information. A real must for any HOD; highly recommended.’

Stephen Patterson, Curriculum Director of English, Childwall Sports and Science Academy, Liverpool, UK



‘It demystifies what is needed in order for every student to achieve success, and allows for each criterion to be monitored, evidenced and understood. In doing this, all stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, middle and senior managers – all have greater clarity as to what is needed to perform in English at the very highest level.’

Dr Mike O'Neill –Education Consultant, UK



‘As an NQT, I remember the confidence-boost of an Ofsted Inspector telling me how impressed they were that my youngest students were completely at ease with their GCSE English journey. The simplicity of this method helps with planning; makes the marking-process quicker and provides students (and teachers) with the clarity that they need.’

Debbie Lamb, Newly-Qualified Teacher, UK

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