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An excellent review with simple and no-nonsense advice and strategies given. A very prompt turnaround with the written report. Tom is straight to the point and his current understanding of his subject, Ofsted and School Improvement is exceptional.


Fiona Aris, Senior Vice Principal, The Ellis Guilford School, Nottingham


We enlisted Tom’s services as a means of addressing under-achievement in boys in English. However, he provided us with so much more than that. During his visit, Tom took the time to fully understand the nature of the department (both the skills we have and the challenges we face) and the dynamics within the school. His advice was both supportive and precise.


Terry Freelander, Head of English, Ormiston Rivers Academy, Essex



Tom has been a reassuring, non-judgmental and consistently helpful presence during his visits to our faculty. His experience and sound guidance have been invaluable during a time of great transition. The impact of Tom’s advice has been immediate and resulted in a much sharper focus on teaching and learning across the faculty. I would certainly recommend Tom to any other school.


Caroline Hirons, Interim Head of English, Ninestiles School, Birmingham




This [Departmental Review and Strategic Action Plan] has been a really worthwhile exercise and has given us a lot to think about and more importantly, act upon.


Eric Barford, Deputy Head Teacher, The Whitby High School, Cheshire



An English consultant of the highest quality. Tom's expertise, experience and personable nature enable him to provide clear, concise and effective strategies, from the classroom to the exam hall.

His unique, methodical approach to English teaching and learning undoubtedly helped our staff and students to achieve their 'best-ever' English GCSE results.'

Sam Williamson, Head Teacher, Merchants' Academy, Bristol

Tom offers a unique perspective on the teaching of English and his emphasis on English specialists embracing the methodical process behind teaching and learning and thus pre-empting examiners who apply that process to their students’ GCSE results at the final stage.  This was very well received by the teachers with whom he worked. I employed Tom as an English consultant when I had a similar role with another Academy Trust. I have kept touch with him ever since, and will certainly be using him again as part of the Trust CPD support programme for our academies. Tom was a highly successful teacher, head of department and senior leader in challenging educational environments, and thus has the credibility that comes from having such a record of success. As a consultant, he is lively and charismatic with the ability to relate to his audience; the feedback from his sessions was excellent.

Tom is totally at home with all aspects of English teaching, and also related leadership and management, and is very versatile in what he can offer.


Tony Stephens, Professional Development Manager, Co-operative Academies Trust



Tom sees English in a unique way. His greatest skill is his ability to demystify the teaching and learning of English and literacy, and to promote progress through true logic and clarity. I have known Tom for over 10 years and he has been a totally outstanding and inspirational teacher, as well as a successful, visionary leader of several English departments.


James Kerfoot, Head Teacher, UK

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