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The Eden Method – including all T&L resources and software TLEs (Teaching and Learning Enhancers) – is priced at €15.00 per student*.


The Eden Method does not require renewal (annual or otherwise) and never expires. Once purchased, students have access to their TEM journey for the duration of their time at your school/centre.

Each year, should you wish to provide The Eden Method for additional students, it is simply ‘€15.00, multiplied by the number of new students’. E.G. 40 new students (40 x 15) = €600.00*.

Additionally, schools may wish to purchase an optional ‘Annual Accreditation Certificate’. Produced at a time of mutual convenience, this is awarded after a two-day moderation report has been completed: designed to ensure that the school/centre’s teacher-usage of TEM; assessment and data entry into their TLEs is accurate and reliably informing English teaching, learning, performance and progress.




* UK VAT Not Included - Minimum initial site licence for 40 students or more

[Introductory discount for Language Show, 2019 attendees!]


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